Frequently Asked Questions
What type of fan works best with the AirFort?
A 20" household box fan or an 18" tabletop round fan works best! Tabletop round fans may take longer to inflate. Pedestal fans do not work with the AirFort because the fans are too high off the floor to connect to the fan shroud. 
Can I turn off the fan once it's inflated?
No. The fabric of the AirFort is very breathable by design and allows air to pass through for safety reasons. Therefore, the fan must remain on to maintain inflation. 
What happens to the AirFort when occupants enter and exit?
The AirFort will temporarily deflate somewhat while occupants come and go, but will re-inflate once the bottom edge is left to rest back on the floor. 
Will the air in the AirFort become stale after a while? 
No. The fan provides a constant flow of outside air into the AirFort. In fact, you will notice the bottom edge of the fort is slightly off the floor in some places as the excess air is constantly escaping. 
How do I get in and out of the AirFort?
Just lift any part of the bottom of the AirFort to climb in and out. The AirFort does not have a floor which allows for an easy entrance and exit from all sides of the perimeter. 
How do I keep an eye on what's going on inside the AirFort?
The AirFort has a big see through window panel so you can see all areas inside the AirFort while observing from the outside. 
Is it cold/breezy inside the AirFort?
Nope! thanks to the connecting tube & safety mesh the air that enters the Airfort from the fan is barely noticeable. 
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