Easy, Inflatable, No Mess Forts!
AirForts! Connect to any Box Fan 
and create an Instant Play Fort for your Child, 
in Unique & Amazing Designs!

Sunny Day
SALE: $59.95
Under The Sea
SALE: $59.95
Starry Night
SALE: $59.95
Dinosaur Attack
Connect any standard Household Box Fan to the Airfort
Inflates in 30 seconds. 
Constant airflow from the fan maintains the Air Fort tent structure and keeps the air fresh 
That's it! When playtime is over, detach the fan and repack into the included 
carry-bag, Easy!
My children love this! We have a couple of other play tents that use poles and they're a pain to set up. A+ all the way.
My kids LOVE their Airfort!!!! Our fan is a little weak so they knock it over sometimes and the tent deflates but overall they love it so Mommy is happy!!
My grandkids love making air tents using bed sheets and a fan, so when I saw this AirFort I knew I had to get it for them! It's big enough for the 3 of them (7, 9, and 12) to play inside together.
What is an Air Fort?

Airforts- the classic American childhood tradition. 
Remember when you were a little kid? 

Remember how much fun you had building forts & cubby houses out of sheets & pillows?

One of Mom's favourite tricks was to clip a bedsheet around an ordinary fan to create an instant, inflatable play space, that would keep kids entertained (and in one place) for hours on end.

Here at Airfort, we've taken tent forts to the next level- instead of using heavy cotton bedsheets, we use special lightweight nylon materials (the same material used in Hot Air Balloons) and colourful digital printing to create even bigger, more fantastic Airfort designs.

Airforts are 100% safe, fun and portable- Surprise your kids with one today!

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